Once in a while, I get calls from family members and friends requesting PC support. This has become part of my life and no way to avoid it.

New friends want you to help them install software, help them figure out why their PC is running slow and occasionally help to get rid of viruses and malware programs.

If you work in IT and friends know you do, you’re probably in the same boat I am — helping folks around you with PC related issues.

As good as it feels to help friends, and take all the glory, I really don’t like people bringing their PCs to my home to fix. I rather use a phone and walk them through the steps in fixing their own computer.

I am good at talking to someone who is computer illiterate to get stuff done. What I don’t like bringing the work in my home.

No way!

Call me and I’ll help you resolve your issues. If a person I’m helping is really unable to follow my commands over the phone to fix the issues, I look at other means to get is fixed.

Now, here’s my question…

How do you, an IT person, resolve computer related issues remotely?

Since I really don’t allow work to follow me at home, I occasionally use remote support tools, mostly free version.

My favorite tool among them all is TeamViewer.

TeamViewer is great… and you don’t even need to installed it. If a person that needs help is able to connect to the Internet, my first few commands is to show him/her how to download and run TeamViewer.

After that, if I’m able to connect to their PC, provided they gave me their TeamViewer partner’s code and password, I begin to work. Once I’m in, everything goes downhills from there.

Another support tool is Google Remote Support tools for Google Chrome..  This will require you to install Google Chrome in order to use it. My first choice would be TeamViewer, though.

Back to my question.. what tools do you use to help someone at a remote location with an Internet connection?

Please feel free to respond below… it will help me greatly.

If you know other tools, new or old and you think others might benefit from it, could you please provide it in the comment section?