Here’s the brief story behind this post. I was looking for a free web host to host a test blog for one of our customers. He wanted to see how the site would look and wanted to test a fully functional WordPress site.

I didn’t want to register for a new web host or register and cancel my subscription after the test so I decided to search for free web hosting.

I wanted something that will offer free space as well as be able to host a fully functional WordPress blog. I searched online for a free web hosting company that offers the most value.

Many of the free services I came across are not totally free at all. Some offered you free hosting but add their ads at the bottom of your pages. Other will give you free hosting account with one MySQL database, PHP enabled and FTP, but will severely limit your access or the website won’t function properly in most cases.

My search for free hosts was very frustrating, especially when you have to register first before you get to find out that the service sucks.

I searched and searched until I stumbled upon

This service is totally awesome! They offer you free, fast webhost account with 5GB storage, 3 MySQL Databases, FTP and complete CPanel access to manage your website.

If there are other free web hosting services only that can beat, then I haven’t come across them yet. Besides their free account, they also offer pro or paid account that is very reasonable when compared to other web hosts online.

If you want a free, reliable web hosting service that’s fast, check out

If you already have a domain name, visit and register. When you have your CPanel access, go to Parked Domains.




There you can specify your domain name and save. The next step is to go to your domain host (company hosting your domain name) and change the NameServers records to point to these two.




After few hours, traffic to your site should be redirected to your account at if you’ve already setup your webpages.

If you know of other free web hosts, please leave them in the comment section.