When you’re running a successful online blog, your goal is to protect it. Protect it from folks who want to hack it and set you back. When you’re looking for ways to protect your online properties, there are many things you should do.

We’ve covered many blogging tips here from backing up your site and its database to installing ant-spam plugin and setting the correct file permissions for WordPress content.

Other ways to protect your blog is to only run essential services on your web servers. Essentials services are those that must be run in order for your blog to stay up.

What are essential services?

When running a WordPress blog, essential services are web servers (Apache, Nginx), database servers (MySQL, MariaDB), PHP scripts, SSH server (to remotely manage your host) and maybe FTP servers to upload and download content from your host.

These services may be important, but if you can find a way to reduce or eliminate a service without interrupting your blog, you should always try to do that.

You see, enabling fewer services as possible on your servers limit your vulnerability to hacking attempts. So by all means, don’t install unnecessary tools on your servers if you want to stay alive longer.

Using SSH Edit over SSH Protocol

SSH Edit is a free SSH-enabled text/code editor for Windows with syntax-highlighting and drop-n-drag upload over SSH protocol. Because using SSH and the terminal console to edit your codes is difficult, using SSH-Edit is a great way to edit your sites.

This will enable to you turn off FTP access to your site which protects you by eliminating another service on your host.

Using this, you can eliminate FTP altogether and online allow SSH. SSH is more secured than standard FTP anyway so you’re improving security there as well.

So, go and download SSH Edit on your Windows machine and begin managing your site securely over SSH.