Google Webmaster Tools is a must have tool for webmasters. If you’re running an online blog or website and you’re not using Google Webmaster Tools, you’re doing it wrong.

Webmaster Tools allows your websites to be found on the web and gives you insights on how to improve your blogs online. It’s a great service and if you’re a webmaster or own a blog online, you should definitely go and register for an account and link it to your site.

For those who have been using Google Webmaster Tools, here’s an update for you.

Google Webmaster Tools will now display search update changes or algorithms that are impacting your sites. Before, webmasters didn’t have have any heads-up about changes to their sites except Google comes up with a blog post confirming search changes.

Now, that info is right there. Sign on to Webmaster Tools and go to Search Traffic –> Search Queries and if there are any updates, you’ll see it under Top queries tab with the date and update description.

Changes from Google Update will be shown on the graph as they are applied.




Yep, you’ll now understand what’s happening to you site’s traffic by coming here.

I don’t know if this is globally available to all Google Webmaster Tools users, but I’m see it starting today.