Google has just announced the release of a new WordPress plugin called Google Publisher Plugin. This plugin adds new functionality to WordPress websites by enabling the use of AdSense and Google Webmaster Tools verification.

With more the 20% of websites running WordPress, this is a smart move on Google’s part. An official WordPress plugin from Google to manage AdSense and verify Webmaster Tools is long overdue.

Webmasters all over the web who are using WordPress should be excited about this news.

New users who are just started out with WordPress should also be excited this because this plugin will help them verify their sites in Google Webmaster Tools as well as allows them to earn money by adding Google AdSense code to their blogs.

Before you rush to install it on your WordPress blogs, remember that it’s still in beta which means there might be some changes to the plugin before it’s finally released as stable.

Still, you can still go and try it on your sites. Google is still fine-tuning the plugin to make sure it works well with all sites.  Try it and if you run into issues, you can let Google know so they can fix the problem.

To get started with plugin, all you have to do is install it and begin using it. It’s that straightforward. Once the plugin is installed, users can then select to preview the home page, or post pages.

Google automatically place markers on the page letting the user know where AdSense would fit. The user can then select of of the sports to begin displaying AdSense ad there.




It’s that simple.

Go and download the plugin from here. Or from WordPress admin portal, select Plugin and search for Google Publisher Plugin. Select and install it and begin using it.