If you’re new to Microsoft Surface or just got one for the holidays and don’t know your way around it yet, here’s a good news. Microsoft has just released a user guide that you can download and learn how to use Surface.

This guide is aimed at both Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 users with Windows 8.1.

For those with Surface RT and Surface 2, there are guides for them too. They all can be downloaded from Microsoft Surface guides site. Make sure to install Adobe Reader as these guides are saved as .PDF documents.

If you’re running Windows 8, then Windows built-in PDF reader should be able to open these guides, too. These guides will help you get the most out of your Surface devices.

Some of the topics covered in these documents are as followed:

  • Complete Surface Specs including CUP / RAM, Touch screen, Pro Pen, and Cameras
  • Surface Pro 2 Kickstand – Surface Pro 2 comes with a Kickstand which is ideal for typing at a your desk and on your lap
  • Storage and Ports – types of ports that come with Surface and Surface Pros
  • TPM  (Trusted Platform Module – for BitLocker Encryption
  • and tips to get the most out of Surface and Surface Pros.

When you’re ready, visit this site to download all the guides Microsoft has for Surface users.




Besides just providing tips and tricks on how to use Surface, these guides also show you how to use apps, search and share documents and personalizing your device to suite your experience.

Surface is a tablet that can truly replace your laptops. It connects to broad variety of accessories, printers, network devices and more.

So, go and download these guides and get the most out of your devices.