If you logon to your AdSense account today, you’ll see that Site health missing from the publisher scorecard on the homepage. This feature was released few months ago to give AdSense publishers benchmarking information on how their site is performing relative to sites of other AdSense publishers.

After signing into my AdSense account today, I noticed the Site health was missing. On the scorecard, you only now have information on Revenue optimization and Google+. Using these benchmarking information, AdSense publishers can further understand their site’s performance and take steps to improve it by following suggestions offer by Google’s PageSpeed Insight tool.

So, Site heath is missing from AdSense now what? Well, If you go and logon to your Google Analytics account, you’ll see a new link called Speed Suggestions under Behavior tab.

The new Speed Suggestions feature offers basically the same information that Site heath offered to publishers in AdSense. Speed Suggestions helps you understand how fast your pages are on your site and how to improve them. It shows average page load time for your top visited pages and also integrates with PageSpeed Insight tool.




The closer the score is to 100, the more optimized your pages are for speed.

So, if you’re looking for tips about how to speed up your site, check out the new Analytics Speed Suggestions.