Well, if you logon to your Google AdSense account today and click ‘My ads’ tab, you’ll see something new. A new Experiments link below Content that will allow you to perform A/B experiments on your ad units. This feature is still in BETA and may undergo more changes. This is great in a sense because you’ll be able to tell (at least that what Google wants you to believe) which ad unit settings is most effective in bringing in more AdSense revenue.

Selecting the perfect settings that will bring in the most money isn’t easy. If you’ve been running AdSense ads on  your blog for sometimes, you may have come across something like this: Text vs. Image ads, which perform best?

There are many who believe that only enabling text ads and configuring them to mimic the text and background color of your site is the only way to earn the most money. Others will disagree and argue that image ads are the ones that perform better.

Well, Google has just made it possible for you to test out those theories yourself. You can now select an ad unit and perform an experiment using A/B testing. Some of the experiments you will be able to run are, effectiveness of text-only ads vs. display ads, determine whether running ads with borders is better than running borderless ads and analyzing the effect of changing the color of text ad units.

Using this information, you can then choose the settings with the best result and increase your earnings. After 24 hours, you’ll see a confidence score for both units settings.

For more about this information, check this AdSense blog post.




So, go ahead and test it and let us know what you think. Hopefully, you’ll increase your earnings and build more online blogs.