SPAM is good, at least the one we eat. Spam by spammers is bad and is really a big problem for webmasters hosting their blogs using WordPress. So how do you protect WordPress blog from spammers?

Every WordPress installation comes with a plugin that helps protect WordPress blog from spammers. This plugin is called Akismet.  Akismet is a WordPress plugin that helps identify and block comment and trackback spam on your blogs. It’s a perfect spam killer plugin for WordPress blogs and all WordPress blogs should install and use it.

If your blog has a spam problem and you don’t take steps to stop it, you may be hurting your site’s PageRank. Because spammers embed links in comments that point to all types of shady websites. If your website is hosting links that point to these bad websites, your PageRank from Google may suffer.

That’s why it’s always good to combat and stop spammers from commenting on your blogs. Using Akismet is a great way to combat spam. The thing about Akismet is it doesn’t stop spam. It automatically sends a comment suspected to be spam to the spam queue.

If you’re dealing with thousands of spam comments daily, you’ll have to manually go and delete these comments daily or weekly. It may also have an impact on site’s database.

Because the database must process all spam comments.

Using Akismet and Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin, I have virtually stop spam on my blog. I was dealing with hundreds of spam comments daily but since installing Growmap Anti-Spambot, all these bots stop. Growmap Anti-Spambot plugin adds a check box below your comment box that a person must check before posting comments.

Automated bot will not be able to check this box. Only a person with a mouse can do it and that’s how you stop automated spam-bot. So, enable Akismet and install Growmap Anti-Spambot plugin in WordPress to stop spammers.

Hope this helps.