Few days ago we showed you how to configure Gmail account in Microsoft Outlook to send and receive emails. Using the same IMAP protocol, you can also setup Yahoo Mail as well as Microsoft Outlook Online.

Setting up all your online email accounts locally allows you to access all of these different accounts from a single program pane. You will also be able to send and receive emails from all accounts directly from your desktop.

This brief tutorial is going to show you how to use Thunderbird, the default email program for Ubuntu to send and receive emails using your online email accounts. This can be applied to Gmail, Outlook online as well as Yahoo Mail.

Before you can make this work, you must turn on or enable IMAP in all three online accounts. You already know how to do it in Gmail. Now you must also do it in Yahoo Mail and Outlook online.

To learn how to enable IMAP in Gmail, read our previous post on configuring Gmail with Outlook.

To learn how to enable POP and IMAP in Outlook, sign into Microsoft Outlook and select ‘Option –> More mail settings’




Next, click ‘Connect devices and apps with POP’ link. Then enable POP access and save.




That’s how you enable POP and IMAP in Outlook. If you have Yahoo Mail, follow the same process in Yahoo Mail to enable IMAP. When you’re done setting up your online accounts for remote access, sign on to Ubuntu and launch Thunderbird.




Enter your email account username and password and Thunderbird will attempt to automatically configure it. For Outlook account, if @outlook.com doesn’t work, you may have to try @Hotmail.com to sign on.

To add the second email when Thunderbird is opened, click Edit from the menu bar and click Account Settings. At the bottom left, click Account Actions –> Add Mail Account.