The new WordPress 3.7 will hopefully be released next week and here are few details that you may see in the the final version. As you may already know, WordPress is a robust content management system which helps users manage a blog or website. It has great features that allow you to easily create beautiful websites and blogs.

If you’re already using WordPress to run your blogs or websites, you may see a new version by next week. It’s version 3.7 and comes with features that are new and cool. For example, version 3.7 is introducing a new feature known as background updates. This feature will automatically apply maintenance and security updates in the background if your sites are configured to allow it.

Another is an improved search results page that will match how well a search query matches a post, instead of ordered by date. For example, if you search for a particular term, posts with search terms will be pushed to the top of the result page.

WordPress version 3.7 is currently being tested and not recommended to be installed on production sites, unless you’re adventurous. Also, before upgrading please make sure to backup your content and its databases, just in case something goes wrong, you may have to restore your site.

To learn how to upgrade WordPress, please read this post. Again, please don’t upgrade your site while WordPress is still being tested.




You may also upgrade via WordPress’ internal upgrade method from the admin page. To do that, you’ll have to wait until the final version is released.