If your computer is infected with spyware or other harmful programs, you should use spyware and antivirus scanners to find remove them.  It can also be done manually via Windows’ add/remove program tool, but that’s not likely to work..

So how do you go about fixing your computer? Which tools should you use and are you willing to pay to remove those unwanted software from your computer? Here  are few tips that might help you save some money and fix your computer yourself.

The most effective way to protect your computer and prevent these potentially unwanted software from your PC is to make sure they don’t get installed on your computer in the first place.

So, how do you go about protecting your computer from these nasty stuff? Below are few tools from Microsoft that you’ll want to install prior to being infected. If your computer is already infected, you’ll want to remove the bad stuff first.

When your computer is already infected, use Malware bytes to remove potentially bad stuff. This software comes in free and paid versions and does a great job removing bad software from one’s computer.

Download the free version and scan your computer for bad stuff.


When your PC is clean and want to make sure you don’t get infected easily, install these Microsoft Tools.

First install Microsoft Security Essential. This tool helps guide against spyware, viruses and malicious software in real-time. If you don’t already have it, go and install it now.

Another tool from Microsoft you that may be helpful is Windows Defender.  This tool comes pre-installed in Windows 8 and 8.1.  It helps protect your PC by adding additional layer of security to guard against infections and keeping your computer up to date.

Follow the above tips and help protect yourself online.