Ubuntu One is a cloud storage provided by Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu. The software comes pre-installed on Ubuntu. When you register for an account, Canonical gives you free 5GB storage that you can use to store your personal content.

Because the program comes installed in Ubuntu, all you have to do is register for an account and get access to a free online storage to host your pictures, music, documents that can be accessed from anywhere around the world with Internet access.

Ubuntu One makes it easy to backup and sync your files, documents, music and photos and access them from any connected PC.

Few people actually know that Ubuntu One is also available for Windows, including Windows 8. The Windows version works almost exactly like the Ubuntu version. Files and folder that you choose to sync on Windows will automatically be available online and from other Ubuntu machines that are connected to your Ubuntu One account

So, if you easily want to move and sync documents and other data between Windows and Ubuntu easily and automatically, you may just want to use Ubuntu One without fiddling with file sharing via Samba.

To get Ubuntu One for Windows, click this link. Install and register a free account if you don’t already have one.




After registering and signing in, you’ll have an option to select the folders you want to sync to the cloud and other machines. All selected folders will be made available to other machines that are also synced to your Ubuntu One account.




If you want to add other folders that are not on the default list, click the Add a folder from the computer button as shown below.




If you click the settings button, you’ll be able to download and sync all folders that are currently shared with you on to this computer.




That’s about all. Again, Ubuntu One is a great tool to backup your stuff online. You’re given a free 5GB storage which can upgraded if you need more. Use this tool to share documents between Windows and Ubuntu without setting up and maintaining file sharing via Samba.