So yesterday Google lunched a new responsive AdSense unit that will let webmasters utilize the code on their responsive sites and blogs. It’s great because when you create a single AdSense unit, it will work on all devices (desktops, tables and mobile phones). The code which is still in beta has been installed many times by webmasters since yesterday.

Here’s a shocking story. If you’re currently using the responsive unit on your blog or website, you’ll really want to think twice about that cuz you may just be hurting your AdSense earnings. That’s what I found out this morning.

After writing about how cool it was to apply the responsive unit to your blogs and sites, I followed through and installed it on this blog. Boy oh boy, I was wrong. I woke up this morning and was shocked to find out that my earnings was a whopping 75% down from the previous day. Google even alerted me with a big read down arrow how my earnings were down and that I should check my site for any changes I made recently. What? Changes, no, I didn’t except to add AdSense responsive unit.

The only change to my this blog was adding the new responsive unit. To all webmasters out there, if you’re running this unit, think twice and check your earnings for signs of trouble. If nothing is changed, then you may just continue using it. But I will recommend to switch to the default synchronous code.

The responsive AdSense code which is still in beta shouldn’t be installed at this time. Below is a screenshot of the alert I received from Google this morning.




So, you see, don’t do it. It’s in beta and shouldn’t be used until is completely out of beta or is more stable.

If you’re a webmaster or owner of a blog and you’re running AdSense, please stay with the default synchronous code. Even though it might be slower than the asynchronous version, it’s tested and proved to work. 

Hope this helps.