If you want to automatically sign into Windows 8 without always typing your password, this brief guide is going to show you how. One of our readers asked me few days ago about this. She wanted to know if it was possible to automatically sign in to Windows without always typing passwords on her personal computer.

The answer is yes. It’s possible but not secure. Logging into Windows without password isn’t secure but if want your kids to use the computer by just turning it on, then enabling this feature may be ok.

When you installed Windows or configuring your profile, you’re prompted to create a username and password to protect your account. This is how Windows keeps track of user profile and how it protects user accounts.

If you decide you don’t want to always type passwords before signing in, then create a blank password and Windows will automatically logs you in. Removing your password to sign in automatically only works if your account is the only account on the system. This won’t work if you have other profiles created on that computer.

So, to get started, sign into Windows and hover your mouse at the bottom right corner to show the Charms bar. When it opens, select ‘Settings’




Next, click ‘Change PC settings’




Then select ‘Users’ and click ‘Change your password’




Type you current password to continue. Finally, leave all fields blank to create a blank password. Creating blank password allows you to sign on to windows automatically.




That’s it!


If there are more than one accounts on the system, you may want to read this to learn how to create auto login in Windows.