Now that Ubuntu 13.04 is out, it’s now time to figure out what have changed, where to look and how to change some basic settings, especially for new users. This brief tutorial is going to show you one simple task that many new users try to figure out when they first start using the new OS. How to auto hide the launcher?

This brief guide will show you how to adjust the size of the launcher and applications on it as well as auto hide it so it’s only available when you need it.

The application launcher helps users start programs and packages in Ubuntu. It provides a shortcut for other applications that are not easily accessible.

If you’re going to be using a particular application frequently, it may be best if you add it to the launcher for quick access.

One of the reasons many of you may want to hide the launcher is to make room. If your computer display is small and you need all the available display area to work, you can auto hide the launcher and claim that available space it’s occupying. 

To get started with adjusting the launcher in Ubuntu, go to the top right corner of your display and select the gear (control panel) and click ‘System Settings’




Next, select ‘Appearance’ from System Settings under Personal. This is where you setup and adjust the launcher, add new and change your desktop theme and wallpapers, enable workspaces and enable the feature that lets you show you desktop by clicking on the icon.




When it opens, select the ‘Behavior’ tab, then slide the button to turn on the auto-hide feature. You can also enable workspaces, and add the show desktop icon to the launcher.




Don’t forget to also adjust the sensitivity level of the launcher. This just means if you move your mouse closer to the left of your desktop, it shows the launcher. Adjust the sensitivity level to low or high depending on your situation.


To adjust the launcher size, select the Look tab, then move the slider at the bottom right to the left side to decrease it or right side to increase it. You can also change the desktop theme and wallpaper from the pane.




That’s it! Now your launcher should look smaller as well as the icons on it.