Dropbox, a popular online file hosting and synchronization service has a Linux client that is very easy to install in Ubuntu. This simple step by step guide shows you how to do it in Ubuntu 12.04, 13.04 and in other Ubuntu versions.

As you may already know, Dropbox allows users upload and synchronize files on each of their computers using a special folder Dropbox creates when you install it.

Dropbox then synchronizes files placed in that folder so that it appears the same on all the user’s computers.

Besides synchronizing folders, you can also store documents and other personal information like photos, videos and important data for backup purposes.

This brief tutorial is going to show you how to easily download and install Dropbox client in Ubuntu 13.04.

To get started, press Ctrl – Alt – T on your computer to open the terminal or console. When it opens, run the commands below to install Dropbox Nautilus package. This package helps you download and install Dropbox.

sudo apt-get install nautilus-dropbox




After installing, wait a few minutes for the wizard to start. When it starts, click ‘Next’. You can go ahead and click the ‘Restart Nautilus’ button but it will just do the same as next.




Then click ‘Start Dropbox’ button to begin setting up your profile settings and account.




When you get the prompt below, ignore it and click ‘Don’t Ask Again’ .  Nautilus will download latest version of Dropbox for your system. So, just ignore it here for now.




After that, Dropbox setup screen should pop up. Choose to login with your account if you already have one or create one if you don’t.




That’s it! Dropbox is installed and you’re ready to use it. To setup your preferences and other settings, use the icon on the top panel as shown below.




Dropbox will create a folder in your home directory called ‘Dropbox’  You should store anything you wish to synchronize with other computers or keep online in this folder.