NetBeans version 7.3 has been just been released with new features and support for HEML5 with automatic code completion elements for HTML5 called Project Easel. This feature enhances the “development experience with client side Web applications that utilize the HTML5 family of technologies that have also been introduced”.

For more information about this release, please click here.

Below are some of the features and bug fixes that were added

  • HTML5 Application project with JavaScript testing support
  • JavaScript Editor significantly improved
  • Page inspector and visual CSS style editor
  • JavaScript Debugger
  • Embedded WebKit browser; deep integration with Chrome
  • Java Persistence JPQL testing tool
  • Basic Composer Integration (Dependency Manager for PHP)
  • Memory usage reduced by at least half for big projects

And many more.


To install NetBeans in Windows and Max OS X system, go to the download page and select a version for your system. It’s easy to do in those systems.


To learn how to install NetBeans in Ubuntu, read and follow this tutorial. It’s very easy to follow.