As you probably already know, Windows 8 comes with a new Start Screen called Metro. It’s completely different from what you’re used to and because of that, some people are still not confortable using it. With that being said, some companies are beginning to offer an alternative to Windows 8 default Start Screen. One such company is called AreaGuard Neo.

AreaGuard provides a completely free Start Menu application called StartW8 that looks like what you’re already familiar with. It brings back the classic Start Menu in Windows 8 that resembles the one in Windows 7. This tool is one of the most popular among many other tools that replaces the Windows 8 Start Screen (Metro).

It has recently been updated to version In this release, few key features were added, including, automatically switching to the desktop mode in Windows 8 upon logging on, provides Start Menu designed in Windows 8, but Windows 7 functionality, Activate menu with Win Key, Traditional search field added, favorite applications and many more.

To get StartW8, use this link.




Download and install it, then configure and enjoy it!.



Now your Windows 8 has a beautiful Start Menu with Windows 7 functionality.