Feeder.co is an extension for Google Chrome that lets you subscribe and receive RSS feeds from your favorite sites directly from your browser. It immediately notifies you of fresh content as they become available in your browser. When content are added, you get the store title as well as a short excerpt of it. To read the entire article, you are then redirected to the original site.

Anytime you visit a website that offers RSS Feed, Feeder automatically detects it and alerts you. You can then click on the icon to subscribe to the site’s feed. It’s that simple. It also works with Google Reader. It has an option that will import and sync all your current feeds you already have in your Google Reader account.

Besides Chrome, Feeder is also available in Safari browser and its developers are working to bring it to Firefox. So if you need a simple feed reader in your browser, you may want to install this add-on.

Just go to www.feeder.co and add the extension to your browser. Next, start adding your favorite sites’ feeds.