I had a problem today with my Dell Latitude E6410 laptop that bugged me for about an hour and a half. For almost an hour, there was noisy beeps coming from my Dell Latitude machine about 10 to 15 seconds apart. This was driving me crazy to the point that I almost give up. My machine is a Windows 7 computer and still in good shape so I couldn’t understand why it was behaving this way.

I searched online for help and found many but nothing helped me fix the problem. One popular one was to open Device Manager and enable show hidden devices from the View menu. This shows devices that are hidden be default and look for a driver under Non-Plug and Play Drivers called Beeps.

Find it and disable it, then restart and it and the problem should go away. Well, I did that and the problem didn’t’ go away. In fact it was louder than ever, after rebooting.

The only solution was to remove the Dell Device driver called “ST Microelectronics” or “ST Micro Free Fall Sensor Driver” from Windows’ Add/Remove program tool, rebooted my machine, then went and downloaded and installed the latest version from Dell’s website. Then my problem went away.

If you find yourself in similar situation, follow the steps above and hopefully you’ll get the same result.

Here’s the link to the driver for the device. The latest driver was released on 12/19/2012. It version # is, A11