Here’s a quick news for Opera users; version 12.12 has recently been released for all users of Windows, Mac and Linux systems. There are many added features in this release, such as OS integration, improved standards and new extension APIs.

Here are some of the enhancements that were previously added in 12.10. OS Integration – this feature added support such as Notification Center in Mac OS X Mountain Lion, built-in sharing of pages to Facebook and Twitter, inertial scrolling and pinch-to-zoon in Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Also included were Petty colors, SPDY support (which makes web pages to load faster), Prefect DNS – which performs a DNS look-up when you hover over a link, which also makes loading a page faster when the link is clicked on, and several new APIs extensions to give more power to developers.

HTML5 and Web Standards were also added which is the fifth revision of the HTML standard markup language.

This brief tutorial shows you how to install / upgrade if you already have it in both Windows  and Linux systems, including Ubuntu. The easiest way to install Opera is to go and download the correct version for your systems.

For Windows, Mac, and Linux machines, click on this link to get the download page.

If you wish to add Opera’s repository in Ubuntu so that it gets automatically updated whenever a newer version is available, then continue below to learn how to add its repository. We’ve written it before in previous posts, so there’s no need to duplicate it here.

For our previous post on adding Opera’s repository, please click here.


Again, here’s the link