Windows 8 comes with two versions of Internet Explorer – one for Metro and the other for the Desktop. The Metro version is designed for touchscreen devices and the desktop version is like the one that’s available in previous versions of Windows, including Windows 7. The Metro version can be accessed from Windows Start Screen (Metro). And the desktop version shows up on the task bar of your desktop.

One new feature added to IE 10 is called ‘Flip Ahead’. This feature allows you move to the next webpage by either swapping across the screen with your finger or pointing and clicking the right arrow button on the screen. This feature behaves like most apps on your mobile devices which let you go to the next page by swapping your finger across the screen.

This brief tutorial is going to show you how to turn it on in IE 10 in Windows 8.

To get started, open Internet Explorer from Metro. Right now it seems like only the Metro version of IE can use this feature.

When it opens, press the Windows Key + C to show the charms bar. When it opens, select ‘Settings’ 




Next, click ‘Internet Options’




Then scroll down and move the slider to the right to turn the feature on.