This post is part of our beginner’s guide series which shows you how to manage basic settings in either Windows 8 or Ubuntu.

In this tutorial, we’re going to show you how to easily create user accounts in Windows 8. To learn how to create user accounts in Ubuntu 12.10, please read this post.

In Windows 8, there’re two primary account types: Microsoft Online Account and Local Account. If you create an account using Microsoft Online Account type, this user will need a Microsoft online email address like or in order to sign in to Windows. This account type allows users to synchronize and access files, photos from anywhere on any Windows 8 systems.

Local Account type lets users sign in to Windows using local credentials that are not synced or synchronized with online account. Whatever is created locally will be saved and access locally.


  • Create users accounts in Windows 8
  • Enjoy!

To get started, gradually move your mouse to the right corner of your display (bottom or top) to show the Charms bar. On the Charms bar, select Settings.



Next, select ‘Change PC settings’



On the list select ‘Users’ and use the plus ( + ) button to create an account.




Next, choose whether you’re going to create a Microsoft Online account or a Local Account. For an online account, all you need is either a or email address. Enter it to create an account.




If you choose to create a local account, you’ll need to create the username, password and password hint. Do that and click Next.




That’s it! Enjoy!