This post is part of our WordPress tutorial series which shows you how to install and manage WordPress blogs or websites online.

In this blog post, I am going to show you how to manage your WordPress blog files in Ubuntu via FTP and Komodo Edit. When managing a WordPress blog, some tasks that you will have to do are editing WordPress’ configuration files, plugin settings and other features.

Many of these can be managed from WordPress’ appearance and plugin editors from the admin section. However, if you need a more robust editing tool, like Notepad++ or similar in Ubuntu, then you must turn to Komodo Edit.

This tool is cool for editing your websites’ files and folder. It also comes with an FTP client plugin that can easily be turned on.


  • Install Komodo Edit in Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin)
  • Manage your WordPress blogs using Komodo Edit
  • Enjoy!


There are two things that must be done before you can carry on with this post. First, you must install and enable FTP server on your webhost. To learn how to enable FTP server on your host, please read this blog post.

Secondly, you must install Komodo Edit in Ubuntu 12.04. If you don’t know how, read this blog post.


When both of the above steps have been completed, continue below to learn how to use Komodo Edit to edit WordPress’ files.

Next, open Komodo Edit and select ‘File –> Open –> Remote Files…’




Then click the button to create an FTP account




Next, enter your FTP server settings, as well as username and password. You must have a local account already created to use for this server. If not, create one.




After entering the above information, save your settings and connect. You’ll then see your server files. Navigate to your WordPress files as shown below.




Open the file you wish to edit. When done, click the save button. If the file cannot be saved, go and temporarily change the permission on the file to 777. ( sudo chmod 777 filename )




That’s it!