So, Ubuntu 12.04 is finally here. Now the question most people are asking is, what next? What are the first commands to run after upgrading or installing it. Where to find help? How to go about installing necessary and important programs and packages? Which programs to install? How to install media codecs, Flash Player, etc. What are the top things to do?

Now, all these questions are important, however, if you’re looking for answers for Ubuntu 12.04, then you’re on the right blog. Because we’ve been writing about it over a month. All your important questions are answered in our many posts. Scroll down the lists and find solutions to your problems.

On page 4, we started out by showing some of the basic tasks to perform after upgrading. Page 3 shows you programs and packages to install after upgrading.  Page 2 also shows you important packages to install and how to enable more features after upgrading.

Stay tuned and more tutorials on 12.04 are on the way so keep coming back and enjoy our site.