How To Enable Nginx Repository And Install Nginx In CentOS 6

Most of my times are spent messing with stuff. When it comes to development, I do a lot of my testing in VMware Workstation and VirtualBox visualization software. I have VMware 10 Workstation installed on my home computer and VirtualBox on my work computer. I do a lot of testing before implementing new changes to […]

Install Adobe Reader in Ubuntu

Ubuntu Tips — Install Adobe Reader In Ubuntu 14.04 1

After installing a fresh copy of Ubuntu on your machine, there are few programs you may want to get installed. Many of these programs are free and can easily be installed in Ubuntu from Ubuntu Software Center. Some of these program can be installed via Ubuntu repositories while others, including Adobe Reader must be downloaded […]

WordPress Tips — Install WordPress On CentOS

This brief tutorial is going to show you how to install and configure WordPress on a new CentOS machine. This post will start from scratch and go into what’s needed and how to install required packages in order to get WordPress working in CentOS. Because there are many web servers that one can install to […]

WordPress Tips — Install WordPress With Nginx, PHP5, MySQL Support In CentOS 6.5

So, yesterday we showed you how to install Nginx, MySQL and PHP5 with support for PHP-FPM in CentOS 6.5 in order to install WordPress. WordPress requires these services to run properly. Without a web server, PHP, or a database server, WordPress will not be able to function. This brief tutorial will continue from where we […]

Ultimate Guide To Installing Nginx, MySQL, PHP5, PHP-FPM In CentOS 6.5

Here’s an ultimate guide to installing Nginx, PHP5, MySQL support on CentOS 6.5. This guide will show you how to prepare CentOS 6.5, how to install Nginx web server, MySQL database server with PHP5 support. It should be handled and read as a complete guide to getting these services up and running. At the end […]


Skype for Linux

Ubuntu Tips — Install Skype 4.3 In Ubuntu

Skype, the very popular free VOIP software was recently updated for Linux systems, including Ubuntu. This update brings some new features including, enhanced user interface, cloud-based group chat experience, PulseAudio support and file transfer improvements across multiple devices. This release also brings integrated desktop support with notifications (must enable), support for PulseAudio and bunch of […]

Ubuntu OneDrive-D

Synchronize OneDrive Content In Ubuntu With OneDrive-D

This brief tutorial is going to show you how to synchronize Microsoft OneDrive on your Ubuntu computer. OneDrive wasn’t designed with Linux OS in mind, so there has been no support from Microsoft for Linux systems, including Ubuntu. One brave developer has started a project to get OneDrive onto Linux computers, and it’s successfully working […]

Ubuntu Tips — Install OpenOffice 4.1 In Ubuntu 1

LibreOffice is the default office suite in most Linux distributions, including Ubuntu. Every desktop edition of Ubuntu comes in LibreOffice installed. LibreOffice is a great office suite with strong support community. It’s gaining acceptance not only in the opensource community but governments around the world are gradually switching to this free office suite and ditching […]

Install OpenOffice in Ubuntu