Daily Ubuntu Tips – HPLIP 3.14.3 Released – Upgrade In Ubuntu

HP Linux Imaging and printing (HPLIP) is an open-source package sponsored by HP to deliver full feature HP printer drivers to the Linux community. Installing this package which come default in Ubuntu allows full HP printer support in Ubuntu and other Linux distributions for thousands of HP printers. Support for more printers is being added […]



Samba In Ubuntu Linux – Installing And Configuring Samba

This is a new series that will describe the installation, configuration and management of Samba Linux in Ubuntu. This series is going to start with this post and will explain how to install and setup the basic configuration of Samba in Ubuntu. Further posts will go into more details on managing users, shares, and Samba […]

Quickest Way To Clear Google Chrome Browsing Data And Cookies 1

When using Google Chrome browser and signed into any of Google online services like Gmail and reader, your browser caches and records your behavior online. As an experiment, sign into Gmail using Google Chrome and search for a car, for example. After few minutes searching for a car or whatever, reopen Google Chrome browser and […]



Getting Started With Ubuntu Linux – Set File And Folder Permissions

You can set file permissions in Ubuntu if you want to control who can view, edit and delete folder content. This can be done using file permissions property dialog box. To set file permissions, right-click a file or folder and select Properties. When the dialog box opens, select the Permissions tab. When you create a […]

Getting Started With Ubuntu – Check How Much Disk Space Left

Would like an easy way to see how much disk space is left on your Ubuntu machine? Users using Microsoft Windows can easily tell how much space left by accessing the Computer folder. Windows then displays the total disk space and available free space that’s left for each of the devices listed. This can tell […]


Getting Started With Ubuntu Linux – Installing Programs In Ubuntu

This is the third post of this series. Our second post about managing your desktop in Ubuntu can be found here. In this post, I am going to show you various ways users can install programs or packages in Ubuntu Linux. Just like Microsoft Windows, there are many methods to install programs in Ubuntu. Programs, […]



Getting Started With Ubuntu Linux – Managing Your Desktop

This post is part two of this series. Part one is about how to get and install Ubuntu on your computer. In this post, I am going to show you how to manage your desktop now that you’ve already installed Ubuntu. The first time you logon to Ubuntu, there’s really nothing interesting on the desktop. […]

Getting Started With Ubuntu Linux – How To Install Ubuntu

Looking for simple to understand tutorials on Ubuntu Linux? You’re in the right place. Whether you’re brand new to Ubuntu Linux or just want a refresher, these tutorials will help you get started. We’re going to start this series with downloading and installing Ubuntu on a used or new computer. We’ll then follow up with […]