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One of our readers sent this question to us via email asking ‘Where is All Programs in Windows 8’? Although we’ll try our best to respond to all email questions, we still can’t get to all of them in time. If you have other questions, please feel free to post them under one of our articles that’s similar to the question.

To answer the question, let’s go back and look at previous version of Windows. Beginning with Windows XP or maybe earlier, the Start button and All Programs folder were always there. Not in Windows 8.  Windows 8 now has a new Start screen called Metro that’s completely different from what we’re used to.

The All Programs folder that was in previous versions of Windows has been replaced with All Apps. It’s changed to All Apps, and can be accessed by following the below steps.

1) Press Ctrl + Tab keys on your keyboard to show the Windows 8 version of All Programs. This shows all the programs that are currently installed on your machine.

2) Press the Windows Key, then right-click on a black area of the start screen to show All Apps




3) Press the Windows Key + X and select Search




There’s you go. That’s all your programs in Windows 8





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21 thoughts on “How To Access All Programs In Windows 8

  • Kirill

    In fact it looks like on Ctrl+Tab (works in metro interface only) not all the apps appears. For example I have firefox installed but it does not depicted in this list. But it can be found with search (only by full name – “firef” request founds nothing).

  • inverse137

    OMG, this f’ing version of windows sucks!!!!!

    15 years of supporting microsoft and I cant even find the All Programs link. WTF were they thinking?

    Has microsoft ever gotten 2 successive versions of windows right? EVER?

  • Simon Eng

    I’ve used every version of Windows since 1.0. Through the good and the bad (remember Vista?), I thought Microsoft had gotten it exactly right with 2008/Win7. Now, everytime I have to touch a Windows 8 machine I find something else to hate. Metro is ok on phones and tablets, but it’s a total catastrophe in office environments and a cluster for administrators.

  • Jan

    I have at least one program that I use regularly that does not show up in all apps. I put a link to it on the Start page and on the desktop, but it does not show up in all apps despite being on the Start page. The instructions above are therefore not correct.

  • Pachi

    Windows 8 is a desperate move by Microsoft to grab a slice of the tablet market.
    All specialized forums and current trends point to the end of the desktop and possibly laptop concept to be replaced by the tablet in conjunction with the cloud for storage.
    Although current privacy and security concerns are slowing down this movement it seems inevitable.
    I could not hate Windows 8 anymore than I hated Windows Vista and we may soon see that in the same way Windows 7 came in to save the day for Microsoft another tablet Windows 7 equivalent will soon emerge like the phoenix.

  • myriam

    Windows 8 is total crap!!!!!!!! Windows XP the best. Why the H change a good thing Microsoft?
    Have spent 1 hour trying to find All Programs and still not found. Cannot scan anything from my printer. What I just clicked 1 icon in XP now takes several clicks, which is very time consuming in my new job.

  • myriam

    And the worst thing is I tried to install Windows 7 on this Windows 8 laptop and now get a black screen that keeps restarting over and over to safe mode screen and new computer unusable. No one either at Microsoft or Toshiba will help, giving me the run around. Bottom line spend more money to have it repaired by a pro.

  • Darryl

    Windows 8 really SUCKs in a BIG way…. WTF was Microsoft thinking…. this is the worst Windows OS I have ever seen,,, besides Vista…. This really is crap!!!! Mr. Gates your engineers really screwed this one up.

  • Carol McDonald

    What I hate most about Windows 8 is that it reminds me of my husband’s iphone. All these app icons and a worthless start button. I guess that’s why when I wanted a new desktop I went for Windows 7. Won’t be going for another new computer until MS goes back to the user-friendly start menu. When I want to get somewhere, I don’t like going the long way. Just give me what I want – not what YOU want. I’m the one paying for it.

  • Pramod

    I found a easy way of accessing All Programs… Finally!!
    * Created a Desktop shortcut to “C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs”

  • Been There

    Specifically I meant the Win+F to go to the Search on Charm… To open Charm, Win+C (case insensitive, rather totally insensitive, as you would expect Windoze 8 to be)!

  • RiverFred

    Software engineers earn high salaries, to justify their
    salaries they make changes to existing systems at the expense of the consumer. Did it ever occur to these engineers to test the changes with laypersons? Start-All Programs was so easy to use, now no one can figure it out, thanks a lot for the change.

  • chris

    i was trying to get into the programs in windows 8 i installed microsoft 2010 office and its in the computer but i dont see it in the desktop. how do i create a shortcut to the desktop for it? its installed on the computer and in order to find it i have to go in the search and type it in then click on it but how do i get a shortcut on desktop …..thanks