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I received the above question from one of our readers yesterday. The question is ‘What is the Default Root Password in Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin)’?

Well, here is the short answer; the root user doesn’t have a password by default. In fact, the root account is disabled by default when you install Ubuntu.

So, if you wish to use the root account to login, you must first enable the account and reset or add a new password. The below steps will show you how to make that happen.


  • Answer the user question by enabling the root account and resetting the password
  • Enjoy!


To enable the root account and reset the password, continue below.


First enable the root account by running the commands below:

sudo passwd -u root




When prompted for password, enter your personal password to continue.


Now reset / add the root password by running the commands below.

sudo passwd root




When you run the commands above, you’ll get prompted to enter a new password.




Create a new password for the root user. To learn how to login to your computer as root in Ubuntu 12.04, read this post.



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