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This brief tutorial shows you how to map or mount Microsoft SkyDrive online storage in Ubuntu 11.10 using SME Storage. SME Storage provides an easy way to access most popular online storage services including SkyDrive from Microsoft.

Now, SkyDrive on the other hand is a free online storage service from Microsoft which lets you store you data (files, folders, music) securely online and access it from any location around the world with an Internet access. There are few apps that let you map your SkyDrive storage in Ubuntu, but nothing is more user-friendly and easy to install and use as SME Storage.



Before you can use both services, you must register. For SkyDrive, register here and register for SME Storage here.


After registering for both services, click this link to download SME Storage apps for Ubuntu.


When prompted, select ‘Open with Archive Manager’ in Ubuntu.




Next, click ‘Extract’ to extract the folder.




Then open the extracted folder and right-click the .deb installer inside and select ‘Open With Ubuntu Software Center’   Next, click ‘Install’ to install SME Storage.




After installing, launch ‘SME Storage Explorer’




Then enter your SME Storage account info and click ‘OK’  to login.




When you’re logged-in, select the icon shown below to add ‘SkyDrive’




Then select ‘SkyDrive’ from the list of services and enter your credentials. From SME Explorer, you should be able to access all your SkyDrive content.




If you want to mount your online service locally, launch ‘SME Storage Client’ from Dash and select an empty location to mount it.




Finally, go to the mounted location and access your content.





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