Ubuntu Screen Going Blank (Dark) on You? Stop it in Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot)

Is your desktop screen constantly going blank or dark with Ubuntu 11.10 when idled? If so, you can fix it by following this brief tutorial below.

When watching movies in Ubuntu, you probably don’t want your screen monitor going dark every 10 minutes. Ubuntu was built with this settings, and this brief tutorial will show you how to turn it off.




  • Stop screen from turning dark in Ubuntu
  • Enjoy your movie!


To get started, go to ‘Control Option –> System Settings’




Next, click ‘Screen’ on the screen shown  below.




Then move the button to turn off ‘Lock’ and for ‘Turn off after’ select ‘Never’ and go back.




On the previous screen choose ‘Power’ from the group shown below.




Finally, select ‘Don’t suspend for both battery and power.




That’s all to it. Enjoy you movie!

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