[From Windows to Ubuntu] Turn Off Sleep Mode

This tutorial is part of our series called ‘From Windows to Ubuntu’ where we help Windows users transition to Ubuntu easily. In this article, I’ll show you how to turn off hibernation or power-saving mode in Windows as well as in Ubuntu. By default, Windows and Ubuntu machines are designed to automatically go into power-saving mode and lock themselves when they’re not in used. This tutorial will show you how to disable that so that they don’t sleep.


Getting started:


Disable Sleep Mode in Windows 7:


To turn off sleep mode in Windows 7, click ‘Start –> then search for and select ‘Power Options’



Next, click ‘Change plan settings’




And finally, choose ‘Never’ to turn that feature off.





Turning off Sleep Mode in Ubuntu 11.04:


To turn off Power-Saving mode in Ubuntu, click ‘Power –> System Settings’




Then select ‘Hardware  –> Power Management’




And finally, choose ‘Never’ for the actions shown and save.




That’s it.

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