Install TeamViewer in Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) 16

Ubuntu Maverick ImageThis brief tutorial shows you how to install TeamViewer 6 in Ubuntu 11.04 Natty. For those who don’t know what TeamViewer is, it is a free (home use only) remote control application that lets you connect to a remote computer securely and take complete control of it. It support Windows, Mac and Linux systems, and this tutorial will show you how to install and use it in Ubuntu.


Getting started:


To get started, go and download TeamViewer 32-bit version from here or 64-bit here.




When prompted, select ‘Open with Ubuntu Software Center (default)’. When Software Center opens, click ‘Install’




After installing, click ‘Start’ to begin, then search for and select ‘TeamViewer’








To connect  to remote computer, type the computer ID in the ‘ID field’ and click ‘Connect to partner’. When prompted, type the password. To allow a remote computer connect to your PC, give your ID and password to the remote user.

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16 thoughts on “Install TeamViewer in Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal)

  • Tony

    I am using ubuntu 10.10 and am able to download “Debian, Ubuntu (64-Bit)” and “tar.gz” with no problems. However I can’t get Teamviewer to open for installation. With what application should these downloads be opened?

    Please Comment


    • Richard Post author

      Download Teamviewer 64-bit deb package, then go to the Downloads folder and right-click, then select ‘Open with Ubuntu Software Center’. You can install it that way.

  • SteveRC

    I am trying to install Teamviewer under Ubuntu (Natty-64bit) but I get the following error during the install.. What could be causing this?

    (Reading database … 60%
    (Reading database … 65%
    (Reading database … 70%
    (Reading database … 75%
    (Reading database … 80%
    (Reading database … 85%
    (Reading database … 90%
    (Reading database … 95%
    (Reading database … 100%
    (Reading database … 136460 files and directories currently installed.)

    Unpacking teamviewer6 (from …/DMA/teamviewer_linux_x64.deb) …

    dpkg-deb (subprocess): data: internal gzip read error: ‘: invalid stored block lengths’

    dpkg-deb (subprocess): failed in write on buffer copy for failed to write to pipe in copy: Broken pipe

    dpkg-deb: error: subprocess returned error exit status 2

    dpkg: error processing /home/steverc/Downloads/DMA/teamviewer_linux_x64.deb (–install):

    short read on buffer copy for backend dpkg-deb during `./opt/teamviewer/teamviewer/6/wine/lib/wine/’

  • JET

    I got a black screen when I connect to ubuntu using windows xp.

    But connection established successful.

    Any one could help?