Setup A Permanent Static IP Address In Ubuntu 10.04/10.10 Maverick Meerkat 6

This quick tutorial will show you how to setup permanent static IP addresses in Ubuntu Maverick or Lucid. If you prefer static IP address setup instead of DHCP, then this tutorial should help you setup a static IP address in Ubuntu.


Getting started:


To get started, go to System –> Preferences –> Network Connections.




Then select Auth eth0 and click Edit.




Next, select ‘IPv4 Settings’ tab, and choose ‘Manual’ for Method. Click ‘Add’ to add your IP address information. Also enter your DNS servers addresses in the field shown. When finish click Apply to save.





Save the settings and you’re done.



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6 thoughts on “Setup A Permanent Static IP Address In Ubuntu 10.04/10.10 Maverick Meerkat

  • Crazy0000

    Purging Network Manager, made me lost my internet by stopping it, now it won’t recognize the card in my laptop and I cannot re-download network manager because I have no internet.

    • Liberian Geek

      If you’re logged in and the Internet is working, removing Network Manager won’t remove the configured IP Addresses on the card. You should still be able to browse and download packages from the Internet. Network Manager job is to help you configure IP Addresses automatically if DHCP is enabled, or manually to add it yourself.

      You may want to traditionally configure DHCP or Static IP addresses on your system and see if you can get connected again.

  • hamsolo474

    i dont understand what is meant by “Replace the addresses with your own and save.” i know your talking about the address of some DNS servers, but how can i find out what they should be based on all the other stuff i have put in, because they seem to want to be changed because i cannot set up the static IP manually, because i dont know what it wants to be changed to and if i leave the file unchanged i dont get net access, but if i do it the gui way and just copy paste in the nameservers from that document it works perfectly, i dont understand it and i am trying to write a bash script that automates the process so i have obviously hit this issue and dont understand whats wrong

    any help would be appreciated

  • airtonix

    hamsolo474, most of the time, your ISP will provide a DNS server. check the documentation they provide looking for a set of two IP addresses.

    otherwise you can use google dns servers :