How To Manage Samba In openSUSE With SWAT

SWAT is a Samba web-based management tool that lets you manage Samba easily and quickly using your web browser. Not everyone feels comfortable configuring and managing Samba via the command-line or text editor. If you need a quick and easy way to manage Samba in openSUSE, check out SWAT.


In this brief tutorial, I’ll show you how to configure SWAT and begin managing Samba easily and quickly using your web browser.


Getting started:


To get started, press Alt-F2 on your keyboard and type the below commands, then click Run:




Next, select ‘Network Services’ from the left menu, then click ‘Network Services (xinetd)




Next, Select ‘Enable’ to all services that you can enable. Then scroll down and select SWAT from the list, then ‘Toggle’ the button to turn On or Off. When it turns on, it will show On below the Status. Click Finish when done.




Next, open Firefox or your default web browser, then enter the address below:





Welcome to samba! From here, you can begin configuring Samba options easily from here.




When select the GLOBALS option, you’ll notice many configure options like workgroup, netbios name, and more.




Further down, more options are available to configure.




Select the ‘SHARES’ option, to begin creating shares. You must always click ‘Commit Changes’ to save your work.





To get help configuring these options, install Samba-Doc via package-manager and more documentation will be available from SWAT home page to help you learn to configure Samba properly.


There is more, but for this tutorial, we’re done for now.


Thanks for reading and hope to see you again.

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