How To Enable File Sharing In Windows Vista, 7, and Allow Linux Systems

If you want to share files between Windows Vista and Ubuntu or any other system, you must enable file sharing. If file sharing is not enabled on your Vista machine, no computer on the network will be able to see or access shares on it. This tutorial will show you how to enable file sharing in Windows Vista so others can access shares.


Getting started:


To get started, click Start –> then search for and select ‘System’ using the search box.




Next, select ‘Advanced system settings’




Then select the ‘Computer name’ tab and click ‘Change’.




Then change the Computer name and the Workgroup or Domain it belongs and click OK. All system must use the same Workgroup name.




After that, click Start and search for ‘Network and Sharing Center’




Under ‘Sharing and Discovery’ make sure ‘File sharing’ is enabled. To enable click the drop-down arrow to change.








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