How To Quickly Share Files Between Windows And Linux Mint 3

This brief tutorial will show you how to share files and folders between Windows and Linux Mint easily with the help of samba.

If you have both Windows and Linux Mint machines and you wish to share files between the two, this tutorial will show you how.


Before the two machines can share any file, some requirements must be met. Below are the requirements:

  • Both machines must be in the same IP subnet
  • Bothe machine must be in the same workgroup
  • Both machine must use the same communication protocol


Setting up Windows machine:


To get started, click Start and type ‘Network and Sharing Center’ in the search box, then select the program from the top.




Next, click Manage network connections




Right-click Local Area Connection and click Properties




Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click Properties




Enter the IP information for your Windows system and click OK.




Back to Network Sharing, enable File sharing and as shown below.




Next, click Start –> right-click Computer then select Properties.




Click Advanced system settings from the left menu.




Select the Computer Name tab and click Change. Then enter the Windows computer name and workgroup name and click OK.





Configuring Linux Mint:


To configure Mint, press Alt-F2 on your keyboard and select Run in terminal then enter the below commands and click Run.

sudo "synaptic"




In the Quick search box, type samba and press enter. Then select samba from the list and click Mark for Installation.




Next, click Mark and install additional packages




Next, click Apply





Next, click Menu –> All Applications –> Preferences –> Network Connections




Select eth0 and click Edit




Select IPv4 Settings tab, and click Add to enter Mint IP addressing information. Client Apply when done.




Next, press Alt-F2 on your keyboard and select Run in terminal and enter the commands below and click Run:

sudo gedit /etc/samba/smb.conf





Edit samba’s configuration file and make the below changes. Workgroup name should be the same as your Windows machine. Security is user.




Scroll down the file and make the below changes to enable home directories. Click Save when done.




Restart both machines and sharing should be enabled.




Mint machine shares





To access Mint shares from Windows, you need to add user accounts to samba database by running the following commands on each user account.

sudo smbpasswd -a USERNAME

Replace USERNAME with real user accounts.


That’s it. Hope to see you again.

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