How To Install TeamViewer On Ubuntu And Connect To Windows Systems 7

This brief tutorial will show you how to install Teamviewer 5 in Ubuntu Lucid or Maverick and configure it to automatically startup when you login to Ubuntu. If you don’t know what Teamviewer is, it is a program that lets you connect to a remote computer and take control of it. It works in Windows, Mac and Linux systems.


Getting started:


To get started, download 32bit version from here and 64bit version from here.




When Software Center opens, click ‘Install’ to install Teamviewer 5.




After installing, go to Applications –> Internet –> TeamViewer to launch.




To setup Teamviewer to startup every time you login, go to System –> Preferences –> Startup Applications.




Click ‘Add’




Then type the Name and Command and click ‘Add’. The command to start Teamviewer is:





Connecting From Windows Machine:


To connect from a Windows machine to Ubuntu, download and install the Windows version of Teamviewer from here.

After installing, launch Teamviewer and enter the Ubuntu partner ID and password, then click ‘Connect to partner’








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