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If you have a portable Laptop like me without CD/DVD drives, you can still install Ubuntu from a USB drive with UNetbootin, a free utility that lets you create bootable Live USB drives for a variety of Linux distributions.

UNetbootin runs from within an existing Windows or Linux operating systems. This is a great and useful utility for folks with devices that don’t have CD/DVD, but want to install Ubuntu.

The first thing you need to do is install UNetbootin in Windows or Linux systems. Download it from here.

For this tutorial, I’m going to download the Windows version to create our Live USB boot drive.




After installing, choose your distribution and continue.




Select the USB Drive below and click OK




Download in progress. Wait for the download to complete.




Click Exit. Remove the USB drive and insert it into the PC without CD/DVD drive and boot from it.




Configure your computer to boot from Removable Devices as shown below. You usually have to press the F-2 or Esc key on the keyboard while your computer is booting up.




UNetbootin should automatically boot and begin installing Ubuntu




Login to Ubuntu and run click ‘Install Ubuntu 10.04’ to continue.





That’s all. Enjoy your system and please come back soon.

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