How To Install Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx With Wubi 9

This tutorial will show you the steps needed to install Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx via Wubi within your existing Windows environment. Wubi is an Ubuntu installer that lets you install a full-fledged Ubuntu Linux within Windows without changing your Windows systems.

This is a great way to experience Ubuntu without the need for a new computer. It lets you install Ubuntu like normal Windows applications. Once you’re done testing and exploring Ubuntu, go ahead an uninstall it like you would with any Windows application.


Installing Ubuntu 10.04 via Wubi:


From within your Windows system, click here to download Wubi with Ubuntu 10.04




Choose your default Language and create a username and password for the system. Once done, click Install.




Ubuntu 10.04 ISO image will be downloaded and installed.




After the installation, select Reboot now to restart your system.




At the boot prompt, select Ubuntu to  start Ubuntu. This will allow you to boot into Ubuntu and experience it without affecting your Windows system.




Login to Ubuntu




A complete Ubuntu installation. It performs as if it was installed on its own partition.




To uninstall Ubuntu, go to Add/Remove applet from the Control Panel and select to remove.




Click the Uninstall button





That’s all to it. Your Windows system to return back to where it was before installing Ubuntu.



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9 thoughts on “How To Install Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx With Wubi

  • ad

    Nice one, spent half an hour looking for this updated version on the Wubi website to no avail. It’s as if they don’t want anyone to test it :)

    Much appreciated :)

  • Carl Berger

    Installed and had a great time. When I rebooted the computer I selected ubuntu and it dumped all my work and reinstalled all over again. How can I prevent this?

  • Lgeek Post author

    I haven’t had any problem installing Ubuntu via Wubi. I’m not sure what when wrong when you said it “dumped your work”. When you said “reinstalled all over again”, did it successfully installed the second time?

  • Jake007g

    Great tutorial, useful for people that want to give Linux a try. Myself personally, I've been using Ubuntu as my primary OS for around 12 months now, but I'll definitely link a few of my friends, who are scared to play around with partitions, to this guide so they can try Ubuntu the pain free way!

  • Webmail Net

    In the same above situation (ubuntu 10.04) i want to get rid of my windows partition completely. Just running my netbook on ubuntu. how is that possible please?

  • Liberian Geek

    You cannot completely get rid of Windows partition, but you can make Ubuntu the default choice at the boot menu. To to that, login to Windows and right-click 'Computer' then select Properties and click Advanced. From there you can select Ubuntu to be the default.

  • sergio


    Good tutorial.

    I want to say that if the installations is done with wubi the disk perfomance is not equal if we make a clean install. It is said in the wubi guide.
    I still think that wubi is a good option for a lot of people.

    thanks again for the guide and sorry with my English :)


  • Asad Irfan

    i have a live usb of it…i want to install it alongside my windows xp but i want to use the old setup..i mean i don’t want to download it there anymethod with which it is possible….please do replay me facebook email is